PLAN | MARKET | SELL – How Do We Help Clients?

John Wessinger

On the heels of our recent reboot announcement, the two questions I get asked most often about PLAN | MARKET | SELL are:

  • How do we help clients solve sales and marketing challenges?
  • And what do we do that’s different?

Here’s a Q & A to help answer these questions.


How do you help clients?

“We solve the problem of marketing and sales not working together inside organizations.

Our niche, or primary focus, is to be the bridge between the two main revenue drivers inside organizations and help create a single, end-to-end process for marketing and sales.

Our goal is to be a single point of contact for organizations that want a one-stop shop for both marketing and sales consulting services. 

As the line separating these two functional areas continues to blur, we want to help organizations better align with what’s changing in their specific markets and simplify the process of selling products or services.”


What do you do that’s different?

“Most organizations have multiple partners that they’re using for both marketing and sales.

They have partners helping them with marketing strategy, content creation, social media management and another set of partners helping with sales materials, sales training or performance.

“What sets our model apart is that we understand the full end-to-end, marketing-to-sales process and can help companies simplify these two areas by working with a single partner.

Rather than sell a client on an out-of-the-box product or service, we help curate the best strategies and tactics for their specific book of business.

Most vendors sell a specific product or focus on one area that they specialize in, but it might not be what the client truly needs to grow their business.

Our very first step with any new client is to figure out what’s working and what’s not. Then make recommendations.

If it’s something we can help them with, then that’s great.  If not, then we help them find and hire someone that can.

It’s not about pushing a product or service on the client, but truly figuring out what they need and what will work best for them.”


Why is this important or relevant?

“Customers that work with us are frustrated by the vendor selection process, confused by what they actually need inside their organizations and really just want a simplified process for growing their business.


Our approach is more efficient and effective, but it also helps organizations better connect with their specific customers.


Clients are also frustrated by big-box agencies that are so large that it’s hard for most businesses to work with them – unless you’re a F500 company with a large budget.

We’ve been able to help those companies looking for sales consulting and marketing services that want to get work done in a shorter period of time and at a lower cost.”


What’s your end goal in working with a client?

“Clients know their businesses and they’re experts at what they do. We simply assume the role of guide and look for new ways to partner and help get them to the next level.

For us it’s about bringing something new to the table and helping clients make the necessary changes faster than they could have done it on their own.

Our model is to make an impact and then step away so clients can focus on running their business instead of feeling like their hand is being held or they’ve entered into an engagement that they can’t get out of.

We want to make a difference and generate results but give clients the freedom to maintain their independence.”


Specifically, what are the products and services you offer?

The first is through project-based and contract consulting.

Most of these clients are larger organizations that either need a role filled for a short period of time or have project work that needs to be completed, but don’t have the talent in-house to get the work done.

We can engage with clients and help complete project work or fill roles on an interim basis.  This gives the clients the flexibility to build out areas of their business as needed without taking on the financial risks of hiring someone full-time.

The second area is sales consulting and marketing services.

We offer sales and marketing strategy assessments, workshops, retreats, training and coaching, as well as keynote speaking, team talks and published writing.

The goal with our consulting services is to help organizations solve their sales and marketing challenges but do it in a short period of time and at a low cost.

Some clients are simply looking for new ideas, so workshops and assessments are a great way to identify solutions to problems without spending a lot of the time and money that you would normally spend through longer engagements.”


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