• Problem: A client was in need of an improved system for marketing and selling their services. The organization was successful and “hustled” for business, but had no formal process for developing leads and the marketing and sales business units worked separately or in silos. And bad data was entered into their CRM platform due to multiple entries from marketing, sales as well as customer service. The organization needed to assess their current sales and marketing strategies, but also develop a new process to make the end-to-end system more efficient and effective.
  • Opportunity: We were hired to map out the current marketing to sales process and then work with operations to create a future map or what the new end-to-end marketing-to-sales process would look like. This included identifying the new roles that marketing and sales would be responsible for within the system and what tasks or activities would be associated with each those new roles.
  • Strategy: We worked collaboratively with the management teams within sales, marketing, customer service, inside sales and business development to first define what the current process was, what aspects of it were successful and which areas could serve as building blocks for an improved system. The client expressed a desire to clearly define an integrated marketing-to-sales system that used an email marketing platform that integrated with sales CRM.
  • Solution: A new integrated system was developed to track lead activity through the email marketing platform. And as leads were nurtured, they were passed along to inside sales for profiling and lead qualification. Once qualified, they would be entered into the sales CRM platform and a notification would be triggered for the responsible sales representative. The future map was reviewed with management and a final process was agreed upon. A corresponding playbook was developed that identified each stakeholders role and what their responsibilities were within the new system.
  • Result: The improvements led to a more streamlined marketing to sales system, improved the integrity of data within the sales CRM platform and created leads within the system that were now nurtured by marketing, qualified by inside sales and then worked by a sales representatives in the field.
  • Follow-Up: After working within the new system, the organization purchased additional lead lists in order to front-end the marketing process and fill the pipeline with potential prospects.  The sales and marketing playbook was developed further and used during subsequent training programs and the company was recognized as the “Amazon” of healthcare testing organizations.



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