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PLAN | MARKET | SELL has launched a workshop to help organizations manage the changing market conditions that have brought wave after wave of new challenges for sales and marketing professionals.

LATERALUS is offering the Ride the Wave Workshop to highlight the three new challenges for organizations: the new power dynamic between customers and companies, the new mindset needed to add modern organizational capabilities, and the new relationship that all business leaders have with professional risk.

The workshop provides organizations with a framework to help manage these new conditions by using “The 3 Principles of the Surfer” to ride the sales and marketing waves within their given market. The workshop is a radical departure from traditional methods in that it uses professional surfers as the model for how to tackle these challenges.

The new principles show participants how to be more like the surfer by embracing these new conditions, changing their mindset about new skills, and how to directly take on risk in order to find success.

“Many organizations are struggling to control the narrative within their markets and have their sales and marketing efforts undermined by the large amounts of product or service information that customers now have access to,” said John Wessinger, Founder of PLAN | MARKET | SELL.

“Customers are circumventing the sales and marketing process and making their purchase decision independent of organizational efforts. This new dynamic has created more of a circular customer decision journey instead of the traditional linear funnel process. You have to adapt to where your customer is at in the process more frequently and target their specific needs at certain points along this journey. ”

According to recent data, most buyers are 60% of the way along a decision journey before they make contact with an organization about a product or service. Some recent estimates have this percentage closer to 70% and that gap is continually growing. [i]

LATERALUS wants companies to take what they learn in the workshop, better manage these new conditions and be inspired to ride the wave on their own. “Just like the surfer paddling out to catch another wave, you’re going to either ride that sales or marketing wave back into the shore or find yourself slammed on the beach,” said Wessinger. “Be more like the surfer. Take steps now to embrace the conditions, learn some new tricks and manage the risks.”

To participate in a workshop, visit and use PayPal buttons at the bottom of the page.

Contact: John Wessinger at LATERALUS Solutions

Phone: 651.308.7407



Twitter: @PlanMarketSell

[i] Harvard Business Review article: The End of Solution Sales.

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